The Fufilment app allows for the user to customise their own avatar. The avatar is designed to be as inclusive as possible and allow for the user to create a version of themselves. The aspect of wellbeing is involved in the taking care of your avatar, as well as optional prompts in taking care of yourself. The app can be as wellbeing centric as the user wants. The user can opt in for daily reminders to look after yourself as well as your avatar, otherwise, the user can just use the app for fun.

TARGET USERS: The target audience is 13+

The app Fufilment was made as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic, where the daily routines of many people round the world were disrupted and forever changed. The purpose of Fufilment was to combine aspects of wellbeing and play to provide comfort in a time of upheaval and uncertainty. It could offer a potential help to the growing percentage of people suffering from generalised depression and anxiety disorders.

DURATION: 2 Months

METHODS: Wireframing, Prototyping, Illustrating

TOOLS: Figma, Illustrator

The prompts would range from basic everyday tasks such a brushing your teeth and getting dressed to more considered challenging things such as reading a book and/ or exercising. The app was designed to not be addictive or coercive therefore, there is not any in app purchases or anything of that nature. The design of the app might seem juvenile, but it was the intention to bring out the inner child of the user, and to create a fun and inviting digital space that felt safe. These key design features will make it accessible to a wide audience.





This prototype video presents the onboarding and avatar customisation process of the application. There is still development in process for the functioning parts of actual gameplay and wellbeing aspects.


The feedback from initial user testing has been positive, particularly the avatar design and inclusivity.


At the moment Fufilment is only available on mobile devices. The concept is being expanded as a VR experience.